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Members Rules

As a subscriber you agree to abide by the following rules: –

  • Subscription runs from 1st January to 31st December each year. Subscribers joining on or after 1st October will be a subscriber until 31st December of the following year. Subscription renewals are due on 1st January each year. Failure to pay by 1st February will mean that you forfeit the reduced subsidies for the coming year.
  • Class fees must be paid in each class.
  • Any subscriber who misses 4 consecutive classes will be removed from the register (unless the club is notified with reasons). The subscriber will need to join the waiting list and will not be able to re-attend classes until a place becomes available.
  • All dogs must be vaccinated and their worm and flea treatments kept up to date. Vaccination certificates must be shown when joining and when renewing subscriptions. Homeopathic treatments are accepted, please bring proof i.e. tablets or receipts for them.
  • Do not bring your dog on a check/choke chain, or with a flexi lead. A flat buckle collar is best, with a 3-4 ft leather, webbing or rope lead (chain leads can be painful on your hands).
  • Do not bring Bitches in season.
  • You are responsible for your dog and your dog’s actions.
  • You must clean up any mess that your dog makes.
  • In the event that a dog is aggressive or unduly disruptive then Tracey Camp has the right to terminate your subscription, although every effort will be made to address the situation.
  • No subscriber is to attempt to use any of the agility equipment until he/she and their dog have been instructed on its use by the trainer.
  • It is the subscribers’ responsibility to inform the trainer of any health matters that may affect their or their dogs’ ability.
  • K9 Paws for Fun cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss or injury to any person, dog or their property, although every care will be taken to ensure the utmost safety.
  • Everyone involved in the running of K9 Paws for Fun gives their time freely. Any surplus funds after the payment of running costs will be used to benefit the subscribers, i.e. the purchase of new equipment, etc.
  • Tracey Camp reserves the right to refuse admission.
  • Tracey Camp will expel any subscriber who, in her opinion
    • Carries out punitive correction or harsh handling of a dog.
    • Or, if they verbally, or through they’re action, bring K9 Paws for Fun into disrepute.


There will be no classes held on Bank Holiday Weekends, the time of Crufts, and the period between Christmas and New Year, plus any other dates that will be advised.

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Jack doing the agility course for Debbie ... See MoreSee Less

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A day full of dog training, classes this morning, followed by a one to one lesson this afternoon and a puppy right start lesson this evening.

Three very different sessions, this mornings classes were great for the socialisation, this afternoon one to one lesson addressed specific issues and the action required to correct unwanted behaviour and this evenings puppy right start was addressed at a very young puppy and putting correct procedures in place to prevent problems in the future.

All three training sessions went well and the owners will see the benefits from the advice and training given.
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Just completed two one to one dog training lessons, both were with rescue dogs that needed accessing with the use of our dogs in a controlled manner. Both sessions was really successful and each of our dogs responded differently (to there credits). Lenny's body language was exceptional, calming & reassuring both rescue dogs.
We are proud our dogs can help us to help our clients dogs.
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